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PPP & Frame-Relay & VLAN Routing & EIGRP

This is a nice little lab to practice multiple Cisco CCNA objectives.

It includes : PPP with CHAP, Frame-Relay, VLAN Routing & Switch Management, and EIGRP

You can download the Packet Tracer 5.2 file here: PPP, Switching, and Frame-Relay

1. Configure all Standard Cisco Best practices
(console password, annoyance fixes, enable password, motd, etc)

2. Configure SSH only (Disabling telnet) on all devices that support SSH with a username of cisco and a password of sanfran

3.Configure PPP witch CHAP on the PEORIA to CHI Router
4. Configure Frame-Relay *without* subinterfaces on the SANFRAN to CHI Routers
    WARNING!! DO A “no inverse-arp” BEFORE your NO SHUTDOWN!!!!
    You will need to create a frame-relay map to map the next hop IP Address to the DLCI
    Use the approrpriate show commands to view the available DLCIs at each end
5. Configure EIGRP to advertise all routes
6. Configure Peoria to route for the VLAN switch traffic
7. Configure the Switch Network:
     Configure the administrative interfaces
     Set the VTP Domain to BIGBANK
     Set the VTP Password to money4u
     Make Switch 2 the VTP server and all other switches VTP clients.
     Create 802.1q Trunks between the switches
     Set the Native VLAN to VLAN 123 on all trunks
     Make a Blackhole VLAN and place all unused switchports in the Blackhole VLAN
     Disable all unused ports
8. Verify connectivity using SHOW commands
9. Finally, verify connectivity by pinging from ALL PCs to PCs

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